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soulflight pole dance berlin

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Pole Fundamentals

(Level 0)

Our class for the brand new pole student. Learn how to pivot and spin your way around the pole. Start building the strength basics and learning the proper technique step-by-step.

What to wear: Mostly short pants needed, no shoes needed

Acro Flow Pole

Open level class from level 1 up -  In this class we will create a silky flow on the pole, incorporating acrobatic elements like cartwheels, handstands and back rolls.

Pre-Reqs: graduated from Pole Fundamentals, basic knowledge of pole handstands

What to wear: Long pants, knee pads and shoulder coverage


This open level class is designed to increase and maintain flexibility. With the use of static and active stretches we will gradually increase the ranges of motion within our bodies.

Pole Level 1

Continue building strength and start to learn new pole vocabulary.

We start to work on the technique for new moves and end up with a small combo or choreo.​

Pre reqs: basic pole climb to top, strong pole crunches

Heels Pole


Beginner (Level 1) - We focus on the basics of heels pole and learn a choreography.

Prerequisites: Having already completed some Level 0 courses is advantageous. Bring your heels and kneepads!

Pole Sensual Choreo

Open Level - Through each class we learn a choreography with sensual flowy elements.

Pre-Reqs: Graduated from Pole Fundamentals

What to wear: Kneepads, heels optional

Pole Level 2

Explore the world of invertions and more complex pole moves. In this class we train on static and spinning pole. We start to work on the technique for new moves and end up with a small combo or choreo.

Pre-Reqs: basic invert, inside and outside leg hook

Pole First Tricks Upside Down (Level 1-2)

When you start to master your invert, this is your class. Here you learn the first tricks upside down as leghangs, straddle invert, inverted cruzifix and more step by step.

Pole Low Flow

Open Level - An open level class for floor based flow sequences with the pole. We will start the class with technical tricks and moves and then combine them in a choreo.

Pre-Reqs: Graduated from Pole Fundamentals

What to wear: Long pants, kneepads

Pole Power Style (Level 3)

class with focus on powerful tricks and combos for more advanced polers, including intensive handspring work.

Pre-Reqs: handspring, shouldermount, aerial invert

Pole Handstands

Open level - Learn handstands on the pole in all variations. This class gives instructions and drills for beginners and has options for intermediate/advanced students! 

Pole Air Flow

An intermediate/advanced class from level 2 up - Air Flow class focus on fluidity and flow up in the air. By incorporating aerial elements we want to create an illusion of weightlessness and floating.

Pre-Reqs: aerial invert, safe leg hooks

What to wear: Short pants

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