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poledance schule berlin

Information for Newcomers

Are you new in our studio and with pole dance? Here we bring together all the information you need to know!

  • Who Can Start With Pole Dance?
    ​Everyone can start pole dancing. You don't need to bring any previous knowledge, you don't need to be strong, you don't need to be flexible, and you don't need to be a dancer before starting with pole dancing. Moreover, you will develop all of these skills while practicing pole dancing! We welcome men, women, and diverse individuals; also, you can join regardless of your body shape or age (also kids are welcome for pole, but only to classes specifically for children). You're warmly invited to join us!
  • Which Class Level Is The Right Fit?
    If you are new to pole dancing, our "Pole Fundamentals" classes are perfect for you. You are welcome to join these classes without any prior experience in pole dancing or other sports. If you already have some experience with pole dancing, please refer to our pole level guide to find the appropriate class. If you are unsure about your level, we recommend starting with a lower level for your first class. If you find it too easy, you can always choose a more challenging level in the future.
  • What To Wear And Bring For Class?
    Shorts: For most of our pole classes, it is necessary to wear shorts as they provide the required skin grip on the pole. There are some exceptions where you can opt to wear long pants, such as in flow classes, where wearing long pants can be advantageous. Knee Pads: In some classes, it's essential to bring dance knee pads to protect your knees as much as possible. Knee pads are mandatory for heels classes, low flow, acro flow, and sensual classes. Shoes: You only need to bring your own heels for "Pole HEELS" classes. For these classes, you will need platform heels specifically designed for pole dancing. In other classes, heels are either not required or are optional (Sensual Choreo). You can try practicing in (clean) sneakers if you wish, although this is not our typical dancewear. Most of the time, we practice barefoot or in socks. Grip Product: If you have sweaty or very dry skin, you might want to use grip products. Please ensure that the grip product is specifically designed for use on poles. If you're unsure, feel free to ask us. Additionally, we recommend washing your hands with curd soap before the class (check the soap in the soap dish at our studio). This greatly helps to reduce oil and other products on the skin. Jewelry: Please remove all jewelry before the class to prevent scratches on the pole. Water: Bring a water bottle and stay hydrated during the class!
  • How To Join For A Trial Class!
    For your first visit, we invite you to join us for a trial class. You can use the trial class for any of our sessions at any time. To book a pole class, select a class from our online schedule and then choose "Probestunde Pole Class" for payment. For floor sessions such as flexibility or yoga, we offer a separate trial class, "Probestunde Floor Class," which allows you to attend two trial sessions in total.
  • About Our Facilities
    Changing Room Policy: Our changing room is inclusive for all individuals, without separate areas designated for men, women, or non-binary individuals. If this arrangement causes discomfort, we suggest arriving already dressed for class. ​ Bathroom/Shower: We provide a spacious bathroom equipped with a toilet and sink. Please note that there is no shower available. ​ Wheelchair accessibility: Our facilities are wheelchair accessible. Please don't hesitate to reach out to know about specific details.
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