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New Pole Heels Floorwork Class with Violeta

1. März 2024

Pole Heels Floorwork

Fridays 11:00-12:00

Experience a sensual choreography of floorwork around the base of the pole, incorporating contemporary acrobatic elements like shoulder rolls and stands. In this class, our focus is on musicality and the organic flow of movement. We perceive sensuality as loving and respecting your own body, and we aim to express that love and respect through dance.

This class is open to Beginners, with no prior experience in pole or heels dance required!

About Violeta

Violeta comes from a family of musicians and pursued an education in contemporary dance. Following this, she set out to find her artistic style and fell in love with high heels dance. Her dance style is sensual, focusing on musicality and flow, influenced by her background in contemporary dance.

As she puts it, "High heels is a celebration of the curvy body, putting all its waves and lines in the spotlight."

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