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Dark Liquid Heels Workshop

9. Dezember 2023

Dark Liquid Heels 

Pole Heels Workshop with Isabella Sutto

Saturday 9th December, 19:00 - 20:15

Open Level (level 1 and up)

A succession of sinuous transitions around the pole, originating from the center of our body, awake a metamorphic energy. The body draws arcs and circles, giving life to a hypnotic dance enhanced by the edgework technique (all the edges of the shoe and the complete mobility of the ankle are used to dance).

Participating in Isabellas classes means involving in a captivating atmosphere of connections with music, the driving force that resonates within the bodies. Her teaching methods consider the impotance of the human relationship and the ability to find the courage to be different, through a new awareness of the body. Isabella is always looking forward to an expressive key that represents her identity. She tries to give a personal style to her work that encloses he background as a dancer and the necessitiy to break the rules.

Prerequisites: Open Level, but knowledge of the pole basics and heels dance is needed (level 1 and up is welcome).  

What to wear: Bring your kneepads and pole dance heels!

Book here:

Dark Liquid Heels - Orbit Studio - Dance - Online-Buchung - Fitogram

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